ғorever young, ғorever yours. ◊

That you've gotten this to happen before going to sleep at night,every mistake you do that you regret every word you ever want to say, every moment that made you cry in the head and all you can do at this point is to feel horror and pretend this never happened? Well, for me it happens every night.

I'm optimistic ... trying not to care.

cheers to the teenage years. (y)

Kamis, 08 Desember 2011

You know how i feel,right? cry ? yeah you get it. I don't know hari ini bawaannya pengen nangis tapi gak bisa u,u
ada apa ini ??? gue gak tauuuuuu , perasaan gue lagi kacau kali yaaa karna gue kangen sama dia dan gak smsan selama ujian, trus sekarang smsan dan ngeluarin semua rasa kangen gue ke dia, eh apa hubungannya (?) oke mulai ngawur-_-
pokoknya hari ini rasanya pengen nangis tapi gak bisaaaaaaaa AAAAAAAAAAAA :"(

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