ғorever young, ғorever yours. ◊

That you've gotten this to happen before going to sleep at night,every mistake you do that you regret every word you ever want to say, every moment that made you cry in the head and all you can do at this point is to feel horror and pretend this never happened? Well, for me it happens every night.

I'm optimistic ... trying not to care.

cheers to the teenage years. (y)

Senin, 09 Januari 2012

Rafif Alifarhan
You're my prince and I'm your princess. ♡

  You write his name in the mirror in your bathroom, when there is fog in your hand in class, in all your diaries, on your notebook, to try to your pen. Everywhere, his name appears. You stay connected for   hours just to connect. You try to memorize the schedule ... can cross it. You talk to him, every time to connect. You talk to him all the time, without judgment, without realizing it. When connected, do you expect him to come speak with you. You are crazy when he tells you, I love you, or when it sends the heart. When you cross the street, you are looked down and a few minutes later, you are regret. Wherever you go, you feel everywhere. When you see him, your heart beats too hard, too fast
Do you have a stomachache.?
When you receive a text from him. When he calls you, your heart may stop beating because you love him and have the madness before. And yes, you could die for him.
It is not easy to wake up in the morning without you I miss you every second. It's not easy to not know where you are or what you do. Oh yes I love you.
I take medication for life, I snorted happiness, but I'm bored to death without you by my side.

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