ғorever young, ғorever yours. ◊

That you've gotten this to happen before going to sleep at night,every mistake you do that you regret every word you ever want to say, every moment that made you cry in the head and all you can do at this point is to feel horror and pretend this never happened? Well, for me it happens every night.

I'm optimistic ... trying not to care.

cheers to the teenage years. (y)

Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

'This is one of the girls who have big heart, but know where to place it, it is part of the girls who have so much to give without asking anything in return, she was one girl who will never feel pretty but always convince those who doubt about it. Most importantly, this is one of the girls who do not realize how amazing they are and how the world needs a woman like them. '

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